A Diet Low in Protein Makes it Nearly Impossible to Repair Dry, Damaged Hair...
But this New Treatment "Feeds" Your Hair Directly with Organic Protein...
To Repair It and Give It More Shine and Softness!
Noor Harmonize - Deep Protein Treatment Instantly Repairs Damaged and Weakened Hair... and You Can Get It at an Incredible Price Today!
Reduces breakage within 1 hour of application

Restores damaged hair very quickly

Gives hair shine all day long

Gives hair softness all day long

Works regardless of age

Repairs split ends almost immediately

Gives hair elasticity all day long
For women who want to quickly repair hair damaged by dryness, chemicals or water... as fast as the first use!

Key Benefits:
1| Quickly restores damaged hair

2| Stops breakage

3| Gives hair exquisite shine

4| Gives hair softness and elegance
Works regardless of age
Works regardless of genetics
Works regardless of hair type
Did you know that your hair needs almost the same amount of protein as your body?
Did you know that your hair needs almost the same amount of protein as your body?

If your answer is ¨no¨ you need to read this…

See, damaged, fragile hair that feels stringy, sticky, or limp is NOT due to genetics or your hair care routine…

The real reason it feels that way is that you are not “feeding” it with the right proteins.

See, most traditional diets lack high-quality protein...

Which is important not only for the body but also for their HAIR.

This is one of the biggest “lifestyle” mistakes that women make when it comes to hair!

Think of proteins as the building blocks of your hair; they give the strands strength and structure.

And without adequate protein, hair can become brittle and fragile.

Causing your hair to be more prone to breakage...

And not only that, but it also causes your hair to suffer from:
Super porous feel

Low elasticity


Gummy ¨feeling¨

Dr. Tara Rao of Schweiger Dermatology Group, New York City said, “Hair is a highly complex appendage of the body that is created by many proteins.”
And that means proteins are a vital point of focus when it comes to hair care.

For your hair to grow as healthy as possible you need to feed it with the correct proteins.

If you don't “feed” it with the right amount of protein it will never get repaired, grow, or look as soft, shiny and brilliant as possible…

But don’t worry, we’ve spent the last 6 months working with the best hair chemists in the industry...

And are proud to introduce...
Noor Harmonize - Deep Protein Treatment
Reduces breakage within 1 hour of application

Restores damaged hair very quickly

Gives hair shine all day long

Gives hair softness all day long

Works regardless of age

Repairs split ends almost immediately

Gives hair elasticity all day long
A protein-focused treatment rinse-out conditioner proven to repair and restore damaged hair!

We put together 4 of the highest protein ingredients in one solution and bonded them together to make it an extremely effective rinse-out conditioner at repairing damaged hair.

¨Which ingredients are these?¨

Well, the first high protein ingredient in our Harmonize Deep Treatment is:
Oats are a good source of quality protein at 11–17% of dry weight, which is higher than most other grains.

They will help your hair in ways you can´t imagine.

Making your hair more elastic, which can prevent damage

Treat dry and itchy scalp

It contains vitamin B and penetrates the hair which allows moisture retention

Oats contain Polysaccharides which make the hair soft
As you can see Oats have a lot of hair benefits to help you achieve the hair of your dreams.

And this is only the first of our 4 main natural ingredients…

The second one in our protein stack is...
Milk is considered a “complete protein,” meaning it contains all nine of the essential amino acids necessary for your body and hair to function at an optimal level.

But you need to practice caution when it comes to sourcing milk because most of the time brands use low-quality milk for their hair products.

For our Noor Harmonize Treatment, we assure to source milk from openly grazing cows that are grass/grain-fed.

Which is the highest quality milk possible.

Protein in milk works as a basic building block for your hair.

Milk will be the second building block for strong hair.

The next one is…
Honey contains a good amount of protein.

Which is no surprise, because honey is proven to help your hair in a lot of ways, like:
A treatment to promote scalp cells growth, which is key for hair growth

Keeping your hair conditioned and healthy

Restoring the natural luster of your hair

Keeping your curls moisturized and growing
As you can see the benefits of honey for your hair are incredible.

Honey has been used since ancient times for hair treatments…

That's why we also decided to include it as one of our core ingredients.

The last building block ingredient for our Harmonize Deep Treatment is…
Vanilla beans contain a large range of vitamins, minerals, and essential oils, all of which work together to keep hair healthy.

The main chemical ingredient, vanillin, an antioxidant and critical for healthy locks.

Antioxidants such as vanillin have been linked to an increase in growth and assistance in reversing hair loss.

And the best part of this?

It´s compatible with the other 3 hair care ingredients in our Harmonize Deep Treatment.

As you can notice by now two of the 4 ingredients in our Harmonize Deep Treatment will give you a boost in your daily protein intake directly into your hair…

while the other 2 are the perfect complements to ensure high-quality protein.

Which will help you repair your dry and damaged hair… faster than you thought was possible!
But there's a catch...
You can't just buy all 4 of these ingredients at the grocery store and expect your hair to get repaired overnight.

You need a special kind of technology to mix all the ingredients and get all the benefits from them.

But this type of special technology is NOT cheap…

It typically costs us hundreds of dollars just to blend together one batch of these ingredients.

It’s called:
"Harmonize Bonding"
Harmonize Bonding is More Than Just A Revolutionary Technology...

It’s an entire system to ensure the perfect bonding of these 4 protein-focused ingredients.

Which, once your hair has the chance to “eat up” externally, will help with…
Restoring damaged hair

Decreasing breakage

Giving it more shine and softness
Here’s how the Harmonizer Technology process bonds the 4 main ingredients together to unlock those amazing benefits for you.

It all starts with the ingredients selection…

As I said before, we ensure that all ingredients are sourced from quality providers.

Then after ensuring ingredient quality we use a new revolutionary machine that bonds all the main ingredients together so it’s more powerful.
This machine ensures that the temperature is perfect…

Since it's crucial to have a specific temperature for the perfect bonding to occur.

Once this bonding is done we put the mixture into our Harmonize Deep Treatment Special 55oz Bottles.

Samples of every single batch we bond are kept and tested for stability.

Once this is done we keep it at a fresh temperature and prepared for shipment.

That's the main reason our customers using the Harmonize Deep Treatment are having the best results and filling their hair with quality protein...

Check out these testimonials from our loyal customers:
Comments From Our Happy Customers*
"Big difference with only 2 uses"
"My hair was very thin, fragile, and brittle. Growth was never a problem, but I wanted it to look soft, shiny, and strong like before. I tried this new Noor product and the results have been good so far. The picture on the right is after only 2 applications of the treatment. pretty good! I will subscribe to make sure I get more because I am using it more often now"*
Veronica G.
- Boston
"I can't believe it!"
“I didn't know how important it was to give protein to your hair, especially the natural and organic kind. But I've tried Noor Harmonizer and I can't believe what a difference it makes. The treatment works wonders, and it smells wonderful too. It takes a little time to do it, but the results are worth it."*
Charley Y.
- Dallas
“Amazing results on the first use!"
“Ok, I've tried just about everything for my damaged hair, and nothing worked, until Noor. That's because no other treatment has as much protein as Noor Hormanizer. It nourishes the follicles so well and just makes the hair look so good. My hairdresser is freaking out with the way my hair looks now."*
Valeria N.
- Orlando
Not Getting Enough Protein? You need Noor Harmonize Deep Treatment
If you have read until this point you know the importance of getting quality protein into your hair…

and the benefits that come with the main ingredients.
Restoring damaged hair

Much less breakage

Gives hair shine

Gives hair softness

Repairs split-ends

Gives hair elasticity
Not only that but you will also be getting the Perfect Bonding of these ingredients in our Noor Deep Treatment…

which max out all the benefits from them.

The best part about it… it's super EASY to apply it into your hair.

All you have to do is...
How to Use Our Harmonize Protein Treatment
Leave in 5-10 minutes after shampooing.
Leave in plastic wrap or simply comb into the hair.
Rinse out after 5-10 minutes (not wash out), you can leave it for 20-30 minutes for even better results
Never leave on the hair. Always rinse out. It is NOT a leave-in conditioner.

Use as necessary. Whenever you wash your hair. As often as you want.

Super EASY!

It fits perfectly into your morning routine, and it doesn't take a lot of time.

If you REALLY want to take your hair to the next level, experience an overall better life, and be much more confident in yourself…

it's time for you to try Noor Harmonize Deep Treatment.

That´s not all though…
Goods News and Bad News...
Okay, first the good news.

This treatment really works. It is very high quality. The bond harmonizing process is something that no other hair company is doing right now.

This new technology is what "amplifies" the restorative properties of the protein in this deep treatment... that will help you repair damaged hair, and make your hair look shiny and smooth.... from the very first application!

It's truly amazing, and we should charge $200 per bottle. Because remember, this is a 2 month supply. Sometimes it can even last 4 months if you don't shower every day.

Of course, we wouldn't charge that much, because we want you to be able to afford it, and while $200 is a fair price, we don't need a lot of profit. We'd rather sell it at a low price so you can have amazing hair that gives you a lot of confidence.

But before I tell you how affordable this revolutionary deep protein treatment is?

I have some bad news.

We've only bought 200 bottles!

The new business partner we worked with didn't sell us this amazing treatment on the cheap. No, they charged us A LOT for it.

And that's just fine. It instantly repairs damaged hair, after all...

But what it does mean is that we could only afford to stock up on 200 bottles.....

And we don't expect to have any stock left after this weekend.

So if you're reading this, right now....

It means we probably still have some stock left just for you.

But you have to act fast because it'll be gone before you know it.

So today only, as a special, you can get a 1 month's supply of our amazing new Deep Protein Treatment for just $39.

Or a savings of over 50% on the suggested retail price!

Remember, this is a salon-grade protein treatment that would cost a fortune anywhere else.

And remember, it will likely last you much longer than 1 month

In fact, some women don’t have to order again until month 2 or 3.

Which makes it even more affordable….

For something you'll use every day and notice an immediate effect on the look of your hair.

So we urge you to go ahead and click "CHECK AVAILABILITY" right now to place your order and save big on this amazing new treatment.

Reduces breakage within 1 hour of application

Restores damaged hair very quickly

Gives hair shine all day long

Gives hair softness all day long

Works regardless of age

Repairs split ends almost immediately

Gives hair elasticity all day long
Be an Action Taker Today - 180 Day Money Back Guarantee
The best part about investing in Noor today is that there is absolutely no risk. That's right, we offer a 180-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

That's how confident we are in our products!

So go ahead and see if Noor Harmonizer is still available, to take advantage of our amazing guarantee. I recommend acting fast though. This batch will be gone in no time.
Angela + Owen
Noor Creators
About Noor
We started Noor 3 years ago because we realized that no solution on the market combats the real cause of thinning hair, hair loss or hair that doesn't grow, so we did something about it and created Noor!

We know that no matter what your age is having beautiful, thick, full hair is key to experiencing and enjoy life to the fullest.

Since 2018, we've helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve long, thick, voluminous hair naturally, so they can feel amazing every day!
100% Satisfaction, 180 Days Money Back Guarantee.
You are fully protected by the 180-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.

We believe that EVERY person should have the opportunity to have amazing, thick, beautiful hair, WITHOUT risking a penny.

That's why everyone has a full 6 months to try Noor and see the extraordinary results. Enjoy!

Q: How long does it take to get results?

A: Results vary from person to person, but most people begin to see results after 4 days of use * New baby hairs begin to appear and existing hair becomes thicker by week 7, which is why the minimum amount of bottles you can purchase is 2 (or a monthly subscription). We don't want to sell customers only 1 bottle, because we KNOW it takes at least 7 weeks to see those first amazing results, and we hate the idea of someone only buying 1 bottle and not seeing the results they want!* That said, best results are obtained with longer use.

Most people who report the best results use Noor for 6 months.

It is true that friends and family will love the look of the hair after only 3 months, it is smart to get 6 months to see a total transformation. Many who use Noor for 6 months say their hair feels better than it has in years*.

The best part is that our 180-day money back guarantee means you can buy the 6-month supply to SAVE BIG, and not worry at all because you can always return it.

Q: Will it work for me and my hair type?

A: Noor contains scientifically proven ingredients that work on anyone. It doesn't matter if a person is 30 or 70 years old* No matter what their current hair looks like, what type of hair they have, or where they come from, it will work*.

Q: How can I use Noor?

A: 2 or 3 dropper applications per day. or at least 3 days of constant use. Applications can be made at night or in the morning.

Q: Why do I need to stock up and get 3 bottles instead of 1? 

A: It takes 7 weeks for new baby hairs to penetrate all 7 layers of skin on the scalp. This means the best results appear after 7 weeks, so we highly recommend customers to buy at least 2 bottles, so it's 100% guaranteed you see results. We hate the idea of you buying only 1 bottle, not seeing the results you wished for, and then giving up. Since the best results appear after 7 weeks, we want you to use Noor for AT LEAST 2 months to see a true transformation. You won't regret it! Stock up now while there is still stock available!
Q: Will this cause any negative side effects?
A: The short answer is no! Most people report no side effects ✓.
Q: Will my hair fall out when I stop using Noor?
A: No, you don't have to worry about that with Noor. If you are not consistent with Noor, the results may be slower, but you won't see any additional hair loss!

This is one of the reasons many smart people stock up on Noor and order the 6 month package, so they can be consistent and see the best results.

There's nothing worse than seeing consistent results and then coming back to order more and running out of stock!
Q: Does Noor ship automatically every month?
A: Of course not! We don't expect anyone to commit to that kind of agreement. No, you simply place the order once. However, most people love the results and reorder! NOTE: If you order a subscription, then yes, it will autoship. BUT, the cancellation process is very easy.

If you have questions, contact us!

If you need to contact us with further questions, comments, testimonials or suggestions, please email us at noorhaircontact@gmail.com. All emails are generally responded to within 24 to 48 hours, except on weekends and holidays. For all other correspondence:

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