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Based on today’s answers, your hair habits are the root cause of your hair loss and thinning.

Discover what the experts at Noor recommend to target this and get back thicker, fuller hair as quickly as possible.

From the desk of Medical Researcher Henry Lock

Hi , the information I’m about to share may surprise you…

But it’s helped thousands recover their thick, natural hair…

So it could be the most important thing you read all week.

I promise it’ll be quick, and by the end I’ll reveal a simple remedy that can help you get back a fuller head of hair.*

The truth is most men overlook the importance of their hair habits when it comes to hair health…

But since you’re here, I know you’re serious about tackling the root cause and getting back thick, strong hair.

And while the effects of our hair habits can be incredibly confusing...

There is a new solution we’ve discovered that’s helping
thousands of men quickly recover their natural, thick, strong hair.*

It works unlike anything else out there…

By targeting the hair habits men do that end up costing them their hair in the long run. 

If you’ve used caps, helmets, or anything else that applies pressure to your hair…

Or if you’ve used chemicals in the past or pulled or tightened your hair with different hairstyles… 

Then it’s nearly impossible to escape thinning edges, bald spots, and a receding hairline.

See, this happens because of the pressure, tightness, and even pull applied to your hair. 

Not only do certain bad habits tire and weaken the follicles, but they also make it harder for protein to get to the hair.13

Causing your hair to get thinner and weaker… putting pressure and stress on the hair follicles themselves.

Leading to the hair loss that so many struggle with.10

The real culprit is actually pressured follicles.

Many are familiar with how constant friction and pulling weakens the hair…

But for decades scientists couldn’t find exactly how… until now. 

Recent research shows that when the hair follicles get past a breaking point they go ‘dormant’ and stop producing hair at all.2

But don’t just take my word for it…

In 2018, University of Miami, did a study on the root cause of hair loss…

And they found something astonishing.

Certain hairstyles and the use of tight caps or helmets can lead to pressured follicles, also known as traction alopecia.10

And while this can be prevented, most men don’t even know how damaging it can be for their hair.

But that’s not the only reason why hair loss is so common. 

See, another study discovered something even more interesting… 

They saw that areas with constant friction from clothing could lead to thinning and hair loss.11

Basically, the hair follicles get worn out by the pressure of hats, hair styles, helmets, you name it...

Making it harder for healthy growth to happen.1

But here’s the good news:

With the right remedy, the follicles can return to being naturally thick and full.✓

Now let me tell you about something that can do just that.*

I call it the Root Relief Remedy.

It works unlike anything most men have tried before.

First, it nourishes the hair follicles to support regrowth3,12

Then it works to protect the new hair from damage… fast!3

Best of all, it works for men of all ages hair types, and genetic backgrounds.

  • It will work if your in your 40s and 50s, now used to hiding your hair with hats or chemicals…

  • It will work if your 60+ and trying to protect the hair you have from further damage…

  • It will work if your in your 20s or 30s, and just now seeing the damage begin to emerge…

  • It will work for anyone who suspects their hair habits are causing thin hair.

The Root Relief Remedy works so well because it targets the main cause of thinning hair directly where it happens.3,5

And unlike age or genetics...

Our hair habits and follicle health are something we can directly influence.

This solution isn’t just potent.

It’s safe, natural, and works fast.*

Are you getting excited?

Can you imagine how it would feel to flaunt a thick, youthful head of hair once again?

Well let me tell you how the Root Relief Remedy works…

And why thousands swear by it to keep their hair healthy, full and thick.

How The Root Relief Remedy Works to Protects The Follicles3,12 and Solve Hair Loss and Thinning Once and For All✓

Over the years we’ve researched countless natural ingredients to support follicle health and kickstart hair growth.

But there's one compound that stands above the rest:

Linoleic Acid.

This little ingredient may not be familiar, but it holds the key to thicker, fuller hair.3

Countless products out there claim to address hair loss by supporting the follicles themselves…

But Linoleic Acid one of the few ingredients actually proven to do that…

By penetrating the roots of the follicles themselves.5

See, when the scalp receives this ingredient the right way, our follicles can work properly again…

‘Waking up” and getting back to their healthy hair growth state.3

In fact, it was proven by a recent study conducted by a group of prestigious Korean researchers:

The Follicle Revitalization Discovery

The Korean researchers were well aware of the danger bad hair habits posed to millions of men struggling with hair loss…

And they knew about the nasty side effects that minoxidil and finasteride caused…

So they decided to take a closer look at an ingredient that showed potential: Linoleic Acid.

However, the path to understanding Linoleic’s true potential was shrouded in mysterty.

The key breakthrough came when the Korean’s found Linoleic Acid could not only stimulate the growth of hair growth cells…

But also activate the signaling pathway inside the follicles themselves.

This was more than a discovery. It was a revolution in understanding how we can combat hair loss, especially from bad hair habits.3

And that’s not all…

A study published in the Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin confirmed the conclusions of the Korean researches…

Proving that Linoleic Acid is just as effective at ‘relieving’ pressured hair follicles AND promoting new growth as 3% minoxidil… without any side effects!4

Can you imagine how it would feel to not just slow your hair loss, but potentially reverse it?

"First, Linoleic Acid penetrates right into the hair follicles to help relieve the pressure buildup…5 Then, it re-activates the follicles to kickstart in new baby hairs"3

This remedy alone is potent enough to help anyone say goodbye to thinning, balding, or hair loss and kickstart thicker, fuller, more youthful hair growth*…

From the root of the follicle, as it was meant to be done.✓

And that’s only the beginning...

How Noor Created the World's Leading Pressured Follicles Hair Loss Remedy - And How Anyone Can Get Their Hands On It

As a medical researcher, I knew the breakthrough with these ingredients wasn’t just hype.

I quickly informed the Noor team about what I’d discovered, and they committed to creating a product based on it.

It had to be a serum because it’s more effective to work on follicle health directly by using a topical remedy.

It wasn’t easy. Countless trials and adjustments were made. But finally, after months of development, we formulated a blend that really worked.

It doesn’t just rely on Linoleic Acid either.

It includes other powerhouses like Ginkgo Biloba, and Oleanolic Acid, supporting healthy follicle function and hair growth.✓

Nearly everyone who tried it saw results.*Not just with new hair growth, but with their scalp health as well.*

Jamie S., 61
Verified Buyer
Noor saved me from balding
“Years of not caring about my hair finally caught up to me. The products I used dried out my hair and scalp, which led to significant thinning. I tried multiple oils my wife found, but nothing worked consistently. No product seemed to help until she got me this. Within a month, I'm noticing promising signs of regrowth. I'm hopeful for a reversal in the damage caused.”*
Roger B., 58
Verified Buyer
Helped Me Get my Hair Back
“Wearing hats regularly led to distressing hair thinning that left me worried. I’d always heard that wearing hats can put pressure on hair follicles, but I didn’t think it would start to fall out. Finding a solution seemed impossible- I tried basically everything. My wife ended up seeing an ad for this and thought it could help and what a find by her! I started seeing promising regrowth in about 3-4 weeks, and I’ve been able to get back most of my hair after being consistent for a few months. It’s been such a life-saver.”*
Collin J., 41
Verified Buyer
Man Bun Struggles Resolved
“The popular man bun was once my go-to style in my younger years, but it sadly contributed to my hair thinning. I didn’t realize how the strain on my widow’s peaks could result in hair loss… I stopped wearing a bun and looked for solutions to save my hair. Numerous products failed to help until I found this one. I’ve been using it for a little over 3 months and I'm witnessing the hairs kickstart new growth* back each week. I'm confident in it’s potential to reverse the effects of my man bun days.”*

It didn’t matter if the problem was due to hats, chemicals, hair styles, or environmental factors, or other challenges...

This breakthrough formula worked for everyone*…

Solving the silent pressured follicles problem and helping men of all ages get back thicker, fuller hair.✓

And it can work for you too. If you let it.*

But look, if you’re looking for instant results and don’t have the patience to commit to a proven routine, it probably isn’t for you.

Most of the studies that support Noor’s ingredients show the best results after 4-6 months of use.

And many of the success stories come from users who have been using Noor for over a year.

But if you aren’t looking for quick fixes that aren’t legit…

If you DO have the patience to get REAL results with legit products… then Noor is for you.

Today, we're proud to introduce the only hair growth solution based on the Root Relief Remedy…

Custom Made To Help Relieve Pressured Follicles And
Kickstart Thicker, Fuller Hair Growth… Fast!*3,12

The Noor Super
Hair Serum

Inside NoorTM is a breakthrough blend, made to help with the main cause of your hair loss according to your quiz results - pressured follicles.✓

What sets NoorTM apart is its unique form of Linoleic Acid - the cornerstone of the Root Relief Remedy.

This groundbreaking ingredient is proven to help solve pressured follicles at the source3

And boost hair growth again.3

This, combined with Oleanolic Acid and Ginkgo Biloba, is the new way to fight balding, hair loss, and thinning.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. And it works.

In fact, studies on Ginkgo Biloba show that it not only helps lower inflammation of the pressured hair follicles6

But Japanese scientists also found it helps promote new hair growth.7

And Oleanolic Acid?

Scientists ran a clinical trial with 14 men under 50 with thinning hair…

And the ones who used the Oleanolic Acid on their scalp had significant hair growth.8

Whereas the placebo group saw no hair growth at all.

One reason for this is because Oleanolic Acid helps reduce the production of DHT (stress & hair loss hormone).11

But that’s not all…

We also added some top hair growth boosters. Biotin, Castor Oil and Cinnamomum Zeylancium Bark… all well-known for making hair thick and strong from root to tip.✓

The bottom line is the Noor Super Hair Serum is the missing link you need to win the battle against thinning hair, and get back a thicker, fuller head of hair… fast!*

It’s been so popular we’ve had a hard time staying stocked up. Stock is flying off the shelves.

Most customers choose to subscribe to lock in their supply and protect from out-of-stocks.

So we encourage you to do the same (plus the best results come from consistent use).


See, in my quest for a remedy, I explored various alternatives…

Treatments that cost a fortune without lasting results, products with unproven ingredients, prescription products full of harsh side effects.

Some say they have effective formulas but they cut corners on quality.

And while some may offer some value…

Very few work to tackle the root cause of the problem.

But NoorTM Super Hair Serum is different. Every part of it helps rejuvenate pressured follicles and kickstart hair growth quickly.*✓

The founders value the purity and effectiveness of every ingredient. This isn't a product; it's a promise.

A promise that you're not just hiding the problem but fighting it at its very root… and Noor Super Hair Serum does just that.

Every day, we receive letters and messages from grateful users.*

Groove Back
Daniel A., 53
"My collection of hats was to cover up the thinning on top. But after using Super Serum, the hats are staying on the rack more often. In just a few months, my hair's got its groove back. It's fuller and feels alive. Hats off to this incredible serum!"*
Hairline Comeback
Rick P., 29
"As an avid biker, my helmet was becoming a collection point for my hair. It was a wake-up call each time I took it off. But since I started with Super Serum, I'm seeing fewer and fewer hairs left behind. Six months in, my hairline's made a comeback, and my helmet’s staying clear. I recommend it now to everyone."*
Hats ditched
James B., 56
"I never thought I’d care about hair products until I saw my hair in the drain every morning. A buddy recommended Super Serum, and I gave it a shot. Man, what a difference it's made. Not only is my hair staying put, but it's also got this vitality I haven't seen since my 20s. I've ditched the hats and now let my hair feel the breeze."*

And get this, NoorTMSuper Hair Serum is super easy to use. All it takes is less than 30 seconds.

Imagine a solution that's as simple as applying a few drops to your scalp. Just massage the serum into your scalp before going to bed.

That's it. No complex steps, no hard processes.

In just a few seconds a day, you can get back thicker, more lustrous hair.*

And without any nasty chemicals that irritate the hair or scalp.

Here’s How Fast Noor Works to Revitalize Hair Follicles And Kickstart New Baby Hair Growth
Results will vary from person to person, but here is how a typical hair transformation with Noor will go. Remember, the best results come from consistent use for 4-6 months.
Month 1
By the end of month 1, most users will report their scalp feeling healthier, without dryness or itchiness.*

Thin patches and edges will start tingling with sensations of new growth, and baby hairs might even start sprouting.

Feelings of self doubt will begin to wane with each day you take Noor.

Many report feeling more confident, at ease, and in-control of their life.

Can you imagine how this would feel? Are you getting excited?

Well that’s only the beginning.
Month 3
By month 3, some lucky users will see lots of beautiful new hair…

And while that’s unlikely to happen unless you haven’t missed a single day of Noor…

It is very likely that your hair will feel thicker, fuller and more youthful than it has in years.

As new hairs fill in and kickstart new growth* longer, many users enjoy the pleasure of styling their hair in ways they haven’t done in years.

Expect much more visible results, and more compliments from friends and family by the end of month 3.

But wait until you hear what’s in store for month 6.
Month 6
By month 6, many men say their hair becomes the main conversation starter with friends and family.

Whispers and glances from the thinning and sparse hair of the past turn to admiring looks and genuine compliments.

Everywhere you go, people will marvel at the volume and sheen of your hair. Its thick, flowing elegance.*

It’s like discovering the secret to turning back the clock and looking measurably more youthful.

Picture for a moment how your hair would look. How you would feel.

And that’s not even the best of it…
Many say things like this:

No more hiding
Martin, 35
"I never thought that my habits could be damaging my hair. I thought it had nothing to do with… But now it makes sense why my hair loss began right when I started using my cap for golfing. Now I don’t hide my hair anymore and avoid using hats as much as possible. Just 3 months in and I see the difference."*
thicker hair
Michael, 42
"My wife saw me stressing out over my hairline so she bought me this Super Serum. I used it daily now after seeing my hair be much thicker. This is the only subscription I will never cancel."*
New Hair growth
John, 58
"My hair began to thin so I started wearing caps every day. This only made it worse over time. Now six months with this serum, and it’s thicker, with new growth. Easy to use and effective."*
The Truth Behind Minoxidil & Finasteride (and why you should try Noor instead)

As a medical researcher, I’m not here to tell you that min and fin don’t work. On the contrary, many men see success with these drugs. But at what cost?

The truth is much more sinister…

Minoxidil was created as a treatment for high blood pressure, and its side effects can reach far beyond your scalp.

Millions of min users report erratic heart rates, fainting, and even weight gain.

Not to mention the horrific shedding and burning that happens when you first start taking it.

Is it really worth losing MORE hair and putting your life in danger… for something that might not even work?

And don’t even get me started on finasteride. It’s a path that can lead to a darker place…

It was created as a treatment for prostate issues, so it’s no surprise it messes with our hormones.

There’s mounting evidence linking finasteride to “performance issues,” if you know what I mean.

I don’t know about you, but I am NOT taking anything that will mess with my junk.

Your very essence of masculinity and virility becomes entangled in a web of side effects from fin.

Drugs like min and fin don’t just damage your hair & scalp, but they ripple through your life…

Affecting everything from your intimate relationships to your long-term health.

So, why walk this perilous path when there's a safer, more harmonious way with Noor?

Noor’s approach respects your body's natural balance, nurturing your hair WITHOUT the drastic trade-offs.

Noor is giving millions of Americans the chance to reclaim not just their hair, but peace of mind.

This is your chance to naturally get back your crowning glory WITHOUT the side effects that haunt so many fin and min users.

How Anyone Can Get Their Hands on Noor Today - Say Goodbye to Thinning Hair and Hello to a Thick Head of Hair

With all the buzz, we’re selling out fast. Smart men are buying as many bottles as possible to save money.

Plus, the longer you use Noor, the better the results are likely to be.*

Most of the studies that support Noor’s ingredients show the best results after 6 months of use.✓

In fact, subscriptions are now the norm. With supplies running low, it makes sense to lock in your subscription or multi-bottle one-time bundle today.

The last thing you want is to come back for more, only to find that dreaded "Out of Stock" sign. So be smart.

But we've got your back. Commit to a subscription or one-time purchase of 6-months or 3-months and benefit from even greater savings.

Plus, to make it even better, we’ve added FREE SHIPPING.

And here's my personal guarantee to you: Noor comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee.

If in 6 months you aren't happy and friends aren't loving your hair, send it back for a full refund.

Full, empty, doesn’t matter. Noor promises a full, prompt refund, no questions asked. We just want someone else to benefit from them.

That’s 6 whole months to witness the magic of Noor, risk-free. We're that confident you’ll adore what Noor does for you. In short, you ONLY pay if you're entirely satisfied.

This is Your Moment – Seize It!

Update: Most men are choosing to subscribe since the best results come with consistent month-over-month use. By subscribing, you’re saving 20% and locking in free shipping.

Save 20% Today and Choose Your Bundle:

Noor Super Hair Serum
Free Shipping on $75+ Orders & Subscriptions
100% Satisfaction. 180-Day Money Back Guarantee
Apply two (2) to four (4) drops to the affected area each day for best results (or at least 3 applications per week to see results). For best results, it is recommended to use consistently for a minimum of six (6) to eight (8) weeks.

Keep away from heat, light, and humidity to preserve freshness. Keep out of reach from children. Store in a cool, dry place. If you are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant, please consult a doctor before use.
All of our formulas contain clinically studied ingredients shown to improve hair growth and/or hair health. We sustainably source our ingredients and mix formulas in an FDA-registered facility.
Modifying or cancelling a subscription is easy and effortless. All you need to do is call our customer service number at (510) 605-3796 from 9am - 5pm EST, Monday through Friday, and one of our customer success agents will help you as soon as one is available. If all phone agents are busy, please send an email to support@noorhairofficial.com. Include your order ID in the email and a dedicated Noor Hair agent will fulfill your request within 1-2 business days. It’s never been easier to subscribe and reap the savings and benefits!
The Natural Solution for the Most Common Causes of Hair Loss
Promote Faster Growth
‘Activates’ the follicles back to the growing state, helping them get thicker, fuller hair growth as fast as possible.
Strengthens Follicles
After hair regrowth, this serum also helps the new hair come back stronger than before and less prone to breakage.
Stimulates Blood Flow
Helps fight off bad bacteria in the scalp that may be causing hair loss, and promotes healthy blood flow needed to reduce irritation and stimulate hair growth.
Reduces Stress Hair Loss
Blocks DHT (stress related hormone) more effectively than minoxidil, and safeguards hair by relaxing the follicles.
Real Results From Within
Trusted by Over 100,000 Customers

Noor Is Awesome
Alex L.
"Noor is an awesome product. I started using it the day after I received my order. I was amazed at how quickly I saw results. Within a month of using it my... hair looked so much healthier and had grown faster than normal. My hair was thin and getting thinner. Since I starting using Noor my hair volume has increased and another big bonus is it has grown a couple of inches since I started using Noor just a couple of months ago."*
Love Noor
Jennifer M.
"It is unbelievable it helps and it does what it says it does my hair was always thin and grown slowly now it's much fuller and growing, I absolutely love it and my husband's hair is coming in where he was Bald thank you. God bless"*
It's Working
Jacqueline H.
" I started using the Noor three months ago with much skeptism and I am now a TRUE believer. I've seen growth in areas that I've been trying for years to kickstart new growth*, along my edges. I'm ordering my next 6 bottles today!"*
Our Most Premium Product
Highest quality ingredients to stop hair loss
Targets The Leading Causes Of Hair Loss
Millions of Americans struggle with stress on a daily basis, and this could lead to the release of stressors inside the body, leading to thinning and hair loss. When addressed directly, we can support a healthy balance in the scalp. Reducing the thinning, sparse edges, and shedding caused by stress. Noor’s Super Serum powerful formula reduces the stress factors in the scalp, helps promote new baby hair growth, and ensures lasting results by strengthening new hair from the root.
Without control of genes, many believe that genetic hair loss can’t be addressed. Especially as the early signs of hair loss like thinning, sparse edges, and shedding begin to appear as time goes by. Super Serum’s active ingredients are clinically proven to slow hair loss and promote regrowth in sparse edges and thinning areas, even when the hair loss is due to genetic factors.
Certain hair habits lead to tension and stress on follicle roots, such as tight hairstyles and wearing hats frequently. The constant pressure on follicle roots leads to traction alopecia or and weaker hair strands which cause thinning, hair loss, and shedding. Our Super Serum contains powerful strengthening properties that help the follicles relieve the pressure, and regain their strength, making the hair longer and healthier. It helps to thicken sparse edges and kickstart new baby hair growth fuller, healthier hair, no matter the hair choices.
Clean, Clinically-Supported Ingredients
Cinnamomum Zelyancium Bark
Reduces oxidative stress, stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, and fights off bad bacteria that may be causing hair loss.
Linoleic Acid
Helps block DHT (hormone related to stress and hair loss) in the scalp. Also helps hair elasticity, making it stronger, fuller, and easier to manage.
Ginkgo Biloba
Increases blood flow to the scalp while strengthening the smallest blood vessels (capillaries) that may get restricted by stress and lead to hair loss.
Biotin (Vitamin B7)
An essential building block for the production of keratin, which keeps the hair healthy and reduces slipt ends or breakage.
Castor Oil
Strengthens hair from the root, acts as a heat protectant, repairs damaged hair and breakage, helps to prevent hair loss, and aids in hair growth.
A powerful antioxidant that reduces stress follicles and promotes newhair growth.
Clary Sage
Balances natural oil production on your scalp, maintaining a moderate texture for improved growth and strengthening the hair, making it difficult to break.
Hyaluronic Acid
Slows the effects of androgenetic alopecia by rejuvenating hair bulbs at the base of the hair follicles and improves blood flow to the scalp.
Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Improves blood circulation and brings oxygen to hair follicles, which results in improved hair growth.
Full ingredients list
Over 100K+ Customers that Trusted Noor Hair
Although not all results are the same, our Super Hair Serum is packed with clinically proven ingredients shown to increase hair growth and reduce hair loss, no matter your age or hair type.
Noor’s Super Hair Serum utilizes key nutrients to improve circulation to hair follicles, block hormonal hair loss, and improve sebum production to generate hair growth.
The Super Hair Serum is our premium expertly infused formula, proven to both limit hair loss in a matter of few weeks, and more importantly, kickstart new thicker, longer hair when applied consistently. It is a rapid results based remedy consisting of 5 essential hair-boosting ingredients packed full of rejuvenating, hair-boosting, anti-stress and antioxidant-rich ingredients to help ACCELERATE your results, and kickstart your hair growth as fast as possible
Results vary by person, but most of our customers start to see results within the first 1-2 months and see significantly noticeable improvements after 2-3 months of taking Noor’s Super Hair Serum.
Apply two (2) to three (3) drops to the scalp on specific areas for desired growth.
Orders are processed for shipment within 2-3 days. After your order is processed, it takes 3-5 business days for the shipment to arrive. Processing may take longer if the order was placed around the Holidays or on a weekend.
We accept all major credit card providers (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover), debit cards, PayPal and Google Pay. Unfortunately, we do not accept prepaid Visa gift cards.
Yes, all of Noor Hair’s products have a 180-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are at all unsatisfied with your product(s), please contact our customer support team at support@noorhairofficial.com or by phone at (510) 605-3796 for assistance.
Yes! Modifying or cancelling a subscription is easy and effortless. All you need to do is call our customer service number at (510) 605-3796 from 9am - 5pm EST, Monday through Friday, and one of our customer success agents will help you as soon as one is available. If all phone agents are busy, please send an email to support@noorhairofficial.com. Include your order ID in the email and a dedicated Noor Hair agent will fulfill your request within 1-2 business days. It’s never been easier to subscribe and reap the savings and benefits!
The Science Behind
Super Hair Serum
Clinical Research

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