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Our Story

Growing up, I was always surrounded by strong women like my mom and grandmother. They both had thick, beautiful hair that played a big role in their natural confidence.

When I got the chance to create top-quality hair care products for women and men all across America, I knew it was my true calling. That's how Noor came to be.

Noor translates to “light” in English. A promise of brightness and hope we make to you. A promise that Noor products will help you overcome your hair struggles and achieve your best natural look.

At Noor, we go beyond being a hair care brand. We’re a beacon of confidence and revitalization. We’re here to help you not only grow your hair, but also rediscover the joy of vibrant, healthy locks. Here’s to your journey towards a more confident you!


Founder of Noor Hair


Created by Hair Experts

At Noor, our formulas are proprietary and created with extensive research & development from a FDA approved laboratory.

We spend months testing and optimizing until we find the right formulas based on ingredients with proven studies that back their potency and hair growth properties.


Strict Quality Control

  • FDA Registered R&D Lab
  • FDA Registered & cGMP Manufacturing Facility
  • Routine Pre- and Post- Production Testing
  • Green Packaging Commitment
180-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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Risk-free Purchase. If you don't see the results you desire, we'll refund your money.


Confidence in Superior Quality

We have absolute confidence in the superiority of our products.


Highest Quality Ingredients

Our products are meticulously crafted to address the main issues of hair loss.


Peace of Mind

Rest assured, your satisfaction is our priority. Best guarantee in the market.


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