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Based on today’s answers, hormones are the root cause of your hair loss and thinning.

Discover what the experts at Noor recommend to target this and get backthicker, fuller hair as quickly as possible:

From the desk of Medical Researcher Henry Lock

Hi , the information I’m about to share may surprise you…

But it’s helped thousands of women recover their thick, natural hair…

So it could be the most important thing you read all week.

I promise it’ll be quick, and by the end I’ll reveal a simple remedy that can help you get back luscious locks.*

The truth is most women overlook the importance of hormones when it comes to hair health…

But since you’re here, I know you’re serious about tackling the root cause and getting back thick, gorgeous hair.

And while our hormones are incredibly complicated...

There is a new hormone hack we’ve discovered that’s helping
thousands of women quickly recover their crowning glory.*

It works unlike anything else out there…

By targeting a tiny organ in the body linked to most hormonal challenges.

And no, it’s NOT the thyroid or ovaries…

Because while those are important for metabolism and hormone production…

They have little to do with hormone balance and regulation.

Which is a major reason hair starts to thin and fall out.

The real culprit is actually the Adrenal Glands.

Many are familiar with how they balance our cortisol levels (stress hormones).

But that’s not the full story…

Recent research shows that they regulate other hormones like estrogen and testosterone.3

"The adrenal glands control over 50 different hormones,from estrogen to progesterone to testosterone. So,therefore, if the adrenals are weak, it’s almostimpossible to have a perfect hormone balance."3

-Dr. Michael Lam, M.D
America’s top Adrenal Expert

So no matter the hormone problem, fixing the adrenal glands is the first step to making things right…

And conquering the hair loss and thinning so many women struggle with.4

And don’t just take my word for it…

In 2021, Harvard Medical researchers did a study on the root cause of hair loss…

And they found something astonishing.

If you simply support the adrenal glands correctly…

Then everything falls into place, and hair growth can be restored.4

Now let me tell you about something that can do just that.*

I call it the Body Balancing Remedy.

It works unlike anything most women have tried before.

First it supports the adrenal glands that are linked to most hormonal problems5

Then it works from the inside to sprout new baby hairs… fast!6

Best of all, it works for women of all ages, hair types, and genetic backgrounds.

* It will work if your in your 40s and 50s struggling with menopause…

* It will work if your 60+ and the hormones have been thrown out of whack by modern American living…

*  It will work if your in your 20s or 30s navigating the maze of birth control or pregnancy…

* It will work for any woman who suspects hormones are causing their thin hair

The Body Balancing Remedy works so well because it targets the main cause of thinning hair that goes unnoticed.5,6

And unlike age or genetics...

Our hormone balance is something we can directly influence.

This solution isn’t just potent.

It’s safe, natural, respectful of our bodies, and works fast.*

Are you getting excited?

Can you imagine how it would feel to flaunt a thick, youthful head of hair once again?

Well let me tell you how the Body Balancing Remedy works…

And why thousands of women swear by it to keep their hair healthy, full and thick.

How the Body Balancing Remedy Works to Support the Hormones5 and Solve Hair Loss and Thinning Once and For All✓

Over the years I’ve researched countless natural ingredientsto support the adrenal glands and kickstart hair growth.

But there's one compound that stands above the rest:

Pantothenic Acid.

This little ingredient may not be familiar, but it holds thekey to thicker, fuller hair.6

There’s a lot of it in Rosemary, which is why so many DIYremedies suggest it for hair growth.8

But the catch is that to balance the hormones, the body needsto absorb it from within.

When the body gets Pantothenic Acid the right way, our adrenal glands can work properly again…

Balancing the hormones, so hair growth can be restored.4,5

In fact, it was proven by a recent study published in the prestigious Journal of Reproductive Medicine and Biology:

The Hormone Hack Discovery

Experts wanted to see if Pantothenic Acid had any effect on our backup generators, the adrenal glands…

One group of subjects was given Pantothenic Acid, while the other group was given a placebo (nothing).

And what they discovered was astonishing…

Subjects given Pantothenic Acid had their adrenal glands working much better than those that didn’t get it.5

And that’s not all…

New studies say Pantothenic Acid is more effective at increasing hair thickness than the biggest hair growth treatmentout there… minoxidil.6

In 2017 a group of dermatology researchers proved it. The study was published in the Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research.

They ran a clinical trial on 73 women struggling with hair growth or thinning hair…

Of the 73 women, 20 took the Pantothenic Acid solution for 4 months.

And when the results came back, the researchers couldn't believe it...

The 20 women who took this mixture saw the biggest increase in hair thickness… even more than 2% minoxidil!6

Can you imagine how it would feel to not just slow your hair loss, but potentially reverse it?

"First, Pantothenic Acid combats hormonal imbalance by rejuvenating the adrenal glands, making hair growth possible5
Then, it kickstarts new baby hair growth."6

This remedy alone is strong enough to help any woman kiss thinning or thin hair goodbye and kickstart thicker, fuller, more youthful hair growth*…

from the inside-out, as it was meant to be done.✓

How Noor Created the World's Leading Hormonal Hair Loss Remedy- And How Any Woman Can Get Their Hands On it

As a medical researcher, I knew the Pantothenic Acid breakthrough wasn’t just hype.

I quickly told the Noor Hair team what I’d discovered, and they vowed to create a product based on it.

It needed to be a capsule, because it’s more effective towork on hormone balance from the inside.

It wasn’t easy. There were countless hurdles. Some batches didn’t show the results we wanted. But finally, after months of trials, we formulated a blend that really worked.

“It doesn’t just rely on Pantothenic Acid either. It includes other powerhouses like Pyridoxine B6 and Zinc to support healthy hormone levels and hair growth.”✓

“Nearly everyone who tried it saw results.* Not just with their hair but overall well-being."*

Nazia K., 46
Verified Buyer
Holy Grail for me
“I have suffered from thinning for more than 20 years.After menopause my crown area started to disappear. I havespent so much $$$ on most of the popular hair losssolutions without success. So fast forward I was browsingthe web and an advertisement came on my feed for this newremedy and of course I ordered it. The truth was that myhair loss was a deeper hormonal issue, not just a surfaceone. I've been using it for about a month now and Ican truly say I'm starting to see some hairs sproutout which made me think there is hope. I started seeinghairs starting to come in around the crown and Ican't believe it. My mood is better too and Idon't get angry at my husband as much now. The BodyBalancing Remedy really works. Thank you for giving mehope.”*
Phyllis T., 63
Verified Buyer
Absolutely Wonderful.
“This is the best product ever and trust me I'vetried several different products. I switched products forabout 2 months, with another company. The other product Itried was horrible and didn't change my hair, butthis hormone hack did! Since I got on the vitamins, myhair has grown longer and seems more healthier thanbefore. I've never been happier. Sure I was veryskeptical at first, but I didn't have anything tolose at this point. Every time I showered I had to cleanout my drain and my hair brush always had a lot of hair init. I am one happy, happy customer and I think you will betoo once you try it.”*
DeeDee L., 58
Verified Buyer
Noor Is Awesome!
“After I hit 45 my hormones started acting up and hairloss started happening... But after years of failedproducts my hair left me bad bald spots all around. I waslosing hope as nothing was working. But then I tried thisBalancing Remedy, my hair started coming in. Even where Iwas balding! I can't wait to see what happens aftermonths of taking it. Thanks!”*

It didn’t matter if the problem was due to menopause, birth control, post-baby blues, or something else…

This breakthrough blend worked for everyone*…

Solving the silent hormone problem and helping women of all ages get back thick, beautiful hair.✓

And it can work for you too. If you let it.*

But look, if you’re looking for instant results and don’t have the patience to commit to a proven routine, it probably isn’t for you.

Most of the studies that support Noor’s ingredients show the best results after 4-6 months of use.

And many of the success stories come from women who subscribe and have been using Noor for over a year.

But if you aren’t looking for quick fixes that aren’t legit…

If you DO have the patience to get REAL results with legit products… then Noor is for you.

Today, we're proud to introduce the only hair growth solution based on the Body Balancing Remedy…

Custom Made To Help Support Healthy Hormones And
Kickstart Thicker, Fuller Hair Growth… Fast!*5,6

The Noor Healthy
Hair Formula

Inside NoorTM is a breakthrough blend, made to help with the main cause of your hair loss according to your quiz results - hormonal imbalance.✓

What sets NoorTM apart is its unique form of Pantothenic Acid - the cornerstone of the Body Balancing Remedy.

This wonder ingredient is proven to help solve hormonal imbalance at the source5

and boost hair thickness like nothing else.6

This, combined with Pyridoxine B6 and Zinc, is the new way to fight shedding, hair loss, and breakage.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. And it works.

In fact, studies on Pyridoxine B6 show that it not only supports a healthy balance of estrogen and progesterone9...

But also helps reduce hair loss and alopecia in as soon as a few weeks.10

And Zinc?

Well recent research suggests it helps to block hormones from turning into DHT.11

And DHT is a hormone linked to thinning hair.

This is why so many hair loss solutions call themselves “DHT blockers.”

But if they don’t have high quality zinc, or the right amount, they won’t work.

Thankfully NoorTM has both, so you can rest assured knowing all the hair loss related hormones are under control. ✓

Over 100,000 women are getting a new lease on life thanks to Noor

But that’s not all…

We also added some top hair growth boosters. Biotin, Niacin, and Horsetail Extract… all well-known for making hair thick and strong from root to tip.✓

The bottom line is the Noor Healthy Hair Formula is the missing link every woman needs to win the battle against thinning hair,and get back that thick, youthful mane… fast!*

It’s been so popular we’ve had a hard time staying stocked up. Stock is flying off the shelves.

Most women choose to subscribe to lock in their supply and protect from out-of-stocks.

So we encourage you to do the same (plus the best results come from consistent use).

I'm Ready to Fix My
Hormonal Hair Loss

See, in my quest for a remedy, I explored various alternatives…

Treatments that cost a fortune without lasting results, products with unproven ingredients, prescription products full of harsh side effects.

Some say they have effective formulas but they cut corners on quality.

And while some may offer some value…

Very few work to tackle the root cause of the problem.

But NoorTM is different. Every part of it helps balance hormones and grow hair quickly.* ✓

The founders value the pureness and strength of every ingredient. This isn't a product; it's a promise.

A promise that you're not just hiding the problem but fighting it at its very root… and NoorTM does just that.

Every day, we receive letters and messages from grateful users.*

Hair feels Thicker
Lisa J., 36
“With my 30s came some big hormonal changes for me, and hairloss was one of them. I decided to give Noor a try, andI'm thrilled with the outcome. After just two months ofconsistent use, my hair feels thicker and has a renewedbounce. It has become an essential part of my beauty regimen,and I can't recommend it enough to women in a similarsituation.”*
A game-changer 💯
Margaret A., 63
“Because my hormones had been so affected during the years, Iwas skeptical at first, but I'm so glad I gave it achance. Over the past three months, I've noticed aremarkable improvement in my hairline and volume of my hair.It feels fuller and has a youthful luster that I thought waslong gone. Noor has truly revitalized my hair, and I feel moreconfident in my appearance. If you're seeking a hairsolution that defies age, I urge you to try Noor!”*
Julia A., 44
“I've been using Noor for the past four months, and I amamazed at the results! My hair had become dull and lifeless,but after incorporating Noor into my daily routine, it hasregained its shine and vitality. Not only that, but I'vealso noticed a significant decrease in hair breakage. I feelmore confident than ever, and I highly recommend Noor to womenseeking healthier, stronger hair.”*

And get this, NoorTM is super easy to take. All it takes is 30 seconds.

Imagine a solution that's as simple as having your morning drink. Just two capsules with a glass of water when you start your day.

That's it. No complex steps, no hard processes.

In just 30 seconds a day you can get back thicker, more lustrous hair.*

I'm Ready to Fix My
Hormonal Hair Loss
Here’s How Fast Noor Works toSlow Hair Thinning And KickstartNew Baby Hair Growth
Results will vary from person to person, but here is how a typicalhair transformation with Noor will go. Remember, the best resultscome from consistent use for 4-6 months.
Month 1
By the end of month 1, most women will report their hair feelingstronger, and their roots gripping tighter.*

Thin patches and edges will start tingling with sensations of new growth, and baby hairs might even start sprouting.

Feelings of self doubt will begin to wane with each day you take Noor.

Many women report feeling more confident, feminine, and in-control of their life.

Can you imagine how this would feel? Are you getting excited?

Well that’s only the beginning.
Month 3
By month 3, some lucky women will see lots of beautiful new hair…

And while that’s unlikely to happen unless you haven’t missed a single day of Noor…

It is very likely that your hair will feel thicker, fuller and more youthful than it has in years.

As new hairs fill in and grow longer, many women get the pleasure of tying a ponytail… something that hasn’t been done in years without feeling self conscious.

Expect much more visible results, and more compliments from friends and family by the end of month 3.

But wait until you hear what’s in store for month 6.
Month 6
By month 6, many women say their hair moves with mesmerizing grace, turning heads and making friends green with envy. Whispers and glances from the thinning and sparse hair of the past turn to admiring gazes and genuine compliments.

Everywhere you go, people will marvel at the volume and sheen of your hair. Its thick, flowing elegance.*

It’s like discovering the secret to turning back the clock and looking measurably more youthful.

Picture for a moment how your hair would look. How you would feel.

And that’s not even the best of it…
Many women say things like this:

Confidence now unbreakable!
Alesha R., 49
“By month 6 my internal battle was won. My confidence, once shattered, was now unbreakable. No longer was I invisible, but instead I owned every room I entered.”*
Thick luscious locks
Maggie B., 71
“After 6 months my thick, luscious locks weren’t just an accessory… they were my crown, my identity, my proof of a battle fought and won.”*
How Anyone Can Get Their Hands on Noor Today - Say Goodbye to Thinning Hair and Hello to Thick, Beautiful Hair Again

With all the buzz, we’re selling out fast. Smart women are buying as many bottles as possible to save money.

Plus, the longer you use Noor, the better the results are likely to be.*

Most of the studies that support Noor’s ingredients show the best results after 6 months of use.✓

In fact, subscriptions are now the norm. With supplies running low, it makes sense to lock in your subscription or multi-bottleone-time bundle today.

The last thing you want is to come back for more, only to find that dreaded "Out of Stock" sign. So be smart.

But we've got your back. Commit to a subscription or one-time purchase of 6-months or 3-months and benefit from even greater savings. Plus, to make it even better, we’ve added FREE SHIPPING.

And here's my personal guarantee to you: Noor comes with a 180-day money-back guarantee. If in 6 months you aren't happy and friends aren't loving your hair, send it back for a full refund.

Full, empty, doesn’t matter. Noor promises a full, prompt refund, no questions asked. We just want someone else to benefit from them.

That’s 6 whole months to witness the magic of Noor, risk-free. We're that confident you’ll adore what Noor does for you. In short, you ONLY pay if you're entirely satisfied.

This is Your Moment – Seize It!

Update: Most women are choosing to subscribe since the best results come with consistent month-over-month use. By subscribing, you’re saving 20% and locking in free shipping.

Save 20% Today and Choose Your Bundle:

Noor Healthy Hair Formula
Free Shipping on $125+ Orders & Subscriptions
100% Satisfaction. 180-Day Money Back Guarantee
Use as a dietary supplement, take two (2) capsules once a day, with at least 8 oz. of water. Do not exceed recommended dosage in a 24-hour period. If you are nursing or pregnant, please consult with your medical professional first. Please do not use if the safety seal is damaged or missing. Store in a cool, dry place to maximize shelf life.
All of our formulas contain clinically studied ingredients shown to improve hair growth and/or hair health. We sustainably source our ingredients and mix formulas in an FDA-registered facility.
Modifying or cancelling a subscription is easy and effortless. All you need to do is call our customer service number at (510) 605-3796 from 9am - 5pm EST, Monday through Friday, and one of our customer success agents will help you as soon as one is available. If all phone agents are busy, please send an email to support@noorhairofficial.com. Include your order ID in the email and a dedicated Noor Hair agent will fulfill your request within 1-2 business days. It’s never been easier to subscribe and reap the savings and benefits!
The Natural Solution for the Most Common Causes of Hair Loss
Promote Faster Growth
The unique blend of vitamins and ingredients support thebody from within to give the hair follicles what they needto promote faster hair growth.
Strengthens Hair
Deliver the essential nutrients to the hair follicles togrow stronger, stimulate new baby hair growth, and minimizebreakage.
Repair Scalp Tissues
Helps promote healthy blood circulation to the scalp so itcan repair damaged areas with essential nutrients.
Thicker, Longer Hair
Give the follicle the essential building blocks for thickerand longer hair from the root.
Improve Hair Health
Helps deliver the essential building blocks for thicker,longer, healthier hair from the root.
Real Results From Within
Trusted by Over 100,000 Customers

I highly recommend
Martin M.
These vitamins are very good my hair began it’s growth Immediately they are 100 Percent better than anything I’ve tried before not one hair strand falling while I was taking these vitamins. I was taking it on s daily basis...and they are excellent I highly recommend this because I have tried everything there is my hair is ver Fine thank to NOOR my hair got very healthy thick I amSo serious about these items not one strand fell ever now I’ve got to get them again because my hair is starting to get bad again but with NOOR I don’t have to worry about anything it’s just great you all have to try these products

Keep Reading
Thick And Healthy
I love Noor Hair Love Serum! It really does work I try I for the first time cause my hair was breaking and thinning out on the top now it's getting full and thicker I love it also my hair has starting to grow back I use three drops...on my scalp at night before bedtime I must order more bottles I haven't tried the vitamins yet but I will guarantee

Keep Reading
Noor Is Awesome!
Dee L.
Noor is an awesome product. I started using it the day after I received my order. I was amazed at how quickly I saw results. Within a month of using it my...hair looked so much healthier and had grown faster than normal. My hair was thin and getting thinner. Since I starting using Noor my hair volume has increased and another big bonus is it has grown a couple of inches since I started using Noor just a couple of months ago.

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I'm Ready to Fix My
Hormonal Hair Loss
Supports Adrenal Glands For Healthy Hair
Reduce cortisol and stress hormones related to hair loss.
Targets The Leading Causes Of Hair Loss
Responsible for more than 15% of hair loss causes, hormone disruption is a key culprit to hair loss. Specifically, we’re talking about the hormone...called DHT. It releases as you age and when testosterone levels increase, attacking hair at the root of the follicles and leading to hair loss.But don’t worry, we’ve done the research and know exactly how to help alleviate hormone disruptors and bring back full, healthy hair growth, no matter your gender, age, or diet.

Keep Reading
Certain habits with our hair can cause unintended consequences. The most common example occurs in women’s hair with braids and pony tails that...create tension on follicle roots. The constant stress on follicle roots leads to traction alopecia, stressed follicles and thinning hair.Our Love Serum was specifically designed to stop traction alopecia in its tracks with a proprietary blend of essential nutrients and oils. Love Serum thickens sparse edges and helps grow fuller, healthier hair, even with braids or ponytail hairstyles.Don’t let your lifestyle choices - positive or negative - determine the outcome of your hair. Regain your dream hair without making big changes with our unique blend of vitamins.

Keep Reading
I'm Ready to Fix My
Hormonal Hair Loss
Clean, Clinically-Supported Ingredients
Horse Tail extract
Powerful antioxidant that improves blood circulation to hair follicles to kickstart growth.
Improves scalp health and promotes an environment conducive to hair growth.
Niacin (Vitamin B3)
Improves blood circulation and brings oxygen to hair follicles, which results in improved hair growth.
Super Biotin (Vitamin B7)
An essential B vitamin to support hair growth and improve energy levels.
Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5)
Helps rebuild the individual hair shafts and safeguards the adrenal glands, which can reduce hormonal hair loss.
Pyridoxal-5-Phosphate (Vitamin B6)
Blocks DHT, which is one of the leading causes of hair loss in aging adults.
Vitamin C
Produces collagen proteins to strengthen and thicken hair.
Aids hormone and enzyme secretion, including biotin enzymes and androgen hormones responsible for healthy hair growth.
An essential nutrient for the growth and repair of hair tissue along with keeping the oil glands around the follicles operating efficiently.
Boosts collagen and elastin, which increase fat cells on the scalp responsible for strengthening and protecting hair follicles.
Full ingredients list
Over 100K+ Customers that Trusted Noor Hair
Although not all results are the same, our Healthy Hair Formula is packed with clinically proven ingredients shown to increase hair growth and reduce hair loss, no matter your age or hair type.
Noor’s Healthy Hair Formula gives you a proprietary blend of nutrients that target key hair growth needs, such as balancing hormones, blocking DHT, increasing circulation to follicles, and more.
Noor has a strong ingredient found in a special type of rosemary called Pantothenic Acid. When the body gets Pantothenic Acid the right way, our adrenal glands - our backup generator - can work right again… Balancing the body, so hair growth can be restored. Noor’s complex blend of Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin B-5, Zinc, Biotin, and other powerhouse ingredients work to balance the internal battle so many women are dealing with… to kickstart thicker, fuller hair than before.
Results vary by person, but most of our customers start to see results within the first 1-2 months and see significantly noticeable improvements after 2-3 months of taking Noor’s Healthy Hair Formula.
Take two (2) capsules daily for best results. If you are nursing or pregnant, please consult with your medical professional first.
Orders are processed for shipment within 2-3 days. After your order is processed, it takes 3-5 business days for the shipment to arrive. Processing may take longer if the order was placed around the Holidays or on a weekend.
We accept all major credit card providers (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover), debit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and Google Pay. Unfortunately, we do not accept prepaid Visa gift cards.
Yes, all of Noor Hair’s products have a 180-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are at all unsatisfied with your product(s), please contact our customer support team at support@noorhairofficial.com or by phone at (510) 605-3796 for assistance.
Yes, you can manage your subscription at any time by contacting our customer support team at support@noorhairofficial.com or by phone at (510) 605-3796.
The Science Behind
Healthy Hair Formula
Clinical Research

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