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We believe that every princess deserves to feel a strong, cultural connection to their ancestry. We are a brand that goes above and beyond providing healthy hair solutions based on the traditional hair diets and rituals of India and South America that we all know and love.

We all know how confident we feel with the long, natural hair that our grandmothers once had, and we want to make your hair journey easier. Noor hair is here for your hair too. You get transparency, positivity, exceptional community support, confidence, and empowerment.

Our mission is to help women feel beautiful and proud of who they really are every day.

Because we are.

Our Story

Our Story

As Angela was waiting impatiently for her boyfriend to propose, she was worried sick about her stubborn shoulder-length hair. Just the thought of looking too “punk” or “hipster” on the big day day gave her goosebumps. As a latina women, it’s part of her culture to have long, exotic hair, just like in Indian culture.

She missed the intimate feeling she got when she let down her waist-length mane after a long day of it being pinned up, and knowing that it’s 100% natural.

As a young women it was so easy to grow long, but now that she was older it was so hard and she felt embarrassed. Harmful extensions and weird hair treatments wouldn’t cut it. She had to start her hair journey the right way. Naturally.

Angela spent countless hours watching DIY hair routines on Youtube. She even resorted to sugar-filled gummies that she had seen on Instagram and Facebook. It was hard work, but when Angela measured her hair after 1 month, it grew only ½”. She wanted to cry! Her mother and grandmother had beautiful long hair and she was the only one in the family that had short hair.

She felt like it was impossible for her family to “get her” at special events, and she even spent her niece’s Quinceanera eating cake awkwardly in the corner of the ballroom. That’s how ashamed she felt deep down.

Our Story

But Angela didn’t give up. She asked her Grandmother, Maya who was at the Quinceanera what her secret was to long and exotic hair (Maya’s hair is amazing for her age of course). Maya revealed that a stress-free lifestyle and healthy-hair diet based off traditional South American and Indian foods was the secret weapon to growing and maintaining the hair of your dreams. It was that easy!

Angela noticed thicker hair and better growth at first, but she realized that stress was always going to be a part of her life since she worked two jobs. And to make things even worse, the healthy-diet of salmon and far-east foods was costing her $287 a week, which was not an option for her!

Our Story

After literally tying her hair in knots, Angela concluded that it just wasn’t fair - there are millions of exotic women that want to feel connected to their heritage through their hair, but no one is helping them! So Angela decided to fix that! She messaged her friend Owen who worked for a supplement company. The rest is history. Together they started their own vitamins for exotic hair types based on Maya’s ancient wisdom of a stress free healthy hair diet.

Noor Hair is made with the ingredients that Indian and South American princesses have been using for thousands of years to maintain and grow their long hair. Salmon, lentils, green tea, avocados, and more. And to help with her stress, Angela hired Trisha, who had been using Ashwagandha from India to help relieve the stress of her medical residency.

The best part was that now Angela didn’t even care about what her boyfriend thought of her, because she felt a special connection to her ancestry now that she had hair of her dreams. It made her feel amazing and unique and proud of her heritage, and we know that you will feel the same way. Noor Hair is your hair too.

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We love Noor Hair and we know you will too!

Why are we here? To deliver value. To make you feel like the real you. To help you look and feel empowered and confident.

-The Noor Hair Team

We Love Team Noor

Our Story

We started Noor Hair because we believe that every lady deserves the chance to experience what it’s like to have long exotic hair just like your grandmother once had. Our mission is to help every women find the light at the end of your long tunnel of hair problems. That’s actually how we came up with our name - Noor Hair. Noor is an arabic word that means “the light.” We are the first healthy hair brand inspired by century old beautiful rituals of countries like Pakistan, Indian, Mexico, and Colombia. We are American women with exotic heritage, and we are proud of it!

But it’s the love, feedback and responses of our community, Team Noor that confirm that what we’re doing is working. We’ve helped Team Noor ladies:

  • Rediscover the love they had for their unique culture
  • Eliminate their dependence on harmful extensions and products that don’t work for their hair type
  • Enjoy longer, more voluminous hair every day
  • Learn how to create hundreds of updos and hairstyles with the help of our social media pages
  • Connect with their ancestry and feel confident knowing that their mane is 100% natural

We wouldn’t be able to do any of this without YOU! Thank you for supporting our mission and sharing our vision. We are absolutely obsessed with Team Noor! As we look many years into the future, know with confidence that we will always be dedicated to giving you only the highest quality hair goodies to enhance your life and make you feel like you :)

Luxy Hair - Katie M.

"Thank you Noor for making my hair goals turn from dreams to reality! I was able to go from bra-strap length to waist length in half the time! The best part is that my friends and family ask me if it’s natural. I always smile and play it cool but deep down I’m bursting with joy! Like yes it is!"

Rebecca L.

Luxy Hair - Paige D.

"I heard about Noor Hair Vitamins through my cousin and saw how thick, full, and shiny her hair looked after just a few months of taking them! Once I went on your site, I realized how simple and affordable you guys made it for me to get the hair I’ve always wanted. I can’t believe I ever considered extensions!"

Veronica S.

Luxy Hair - Becki G.

"Amazing!! I used to feel so “Americanized” with my short, professional hair. It was cool at first but I yearned for the hair I saw when I visited my home country for the first time in years. I gave Noor a shot after stumbling across a Facebook ad and I’m soo happy I did! The vitamins accelerated my growth and I am obsessed with the Ashwagandha which helps preserve my hair too (I had been losing it). Go Team Noor!"

Anya P.

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Our Story