Discover the Ancient Ayurvedic Hair Mask Recipe proven to repair dry and damaged hair and help you reduce split ends in less than 1 hour. 

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After working on a NEW and improved version of our Deep Treatment Conditioner for 2 years we are glad to finally introduce our:

 Instant Hydration Mask 

- a natural and lactic-based formula that reconstructs and protects your hair.

Made with a lactic based protein, our hair mask is specifically designed to fill and seal the hair cuticle, providing potent hydration that lasts throughout the day.


Not only does it reconstruct and hydrate your hair, but it also protects against the harmful effects of chemical treatments, heat, bleach, coloring, and hair dying.

This means that you can style your hair however you like, without worrying about damaging it.


And if you live in an area with hard water, its natural ingredients are gentle on your hair and scalp, helping to counteract the drying effects of minerals and other impurities.


So why wait? Try our Instant Hydration Hair Mask today and discover the benefits of natural, lactic-based hair care. Your hair will thank you!

How Noor Instant Hydration Mask Combats "Weak and Damaged" 

Hair To Reconstruct and Hair Strands 

(4 Ingredients Proven By Science) 

The secret to reconstruct your hair strands and get back thick, shiny hair is in our blend of pure, professionally-sourced ingredients that are fully backed by science.

Instant Hydration Mask Nutrient #1Yogurt

It all starts with Yogurt.

The first use of Yogurt in Hair Mask dates back centuries ago.

To the ancient Ayurvedic practices of Indian women who have been using the lactic acid contained in Yogurt to remove dead skin cells in the process of cleaning the scalp and balance the pH levels that regulate sebum production. 

This results in your outer skin getting cleaned, and yogurt sinking into the pores to boosts hair follicle growth.

These properties make yogurt beneficial for promoting hair growth and improving the overall health and appearance of hair.

Additionally, yogurt is a natural source of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that help to maintain the balance of the microbiome on the scalp.

This can help to keep the scalp healthy and prevent problems such as dandruff and dryness.

Instant Hydration Mask Nutrient #2

Cinnamon extract

A 2019 review looked at procyanidin — a compound found in cinnamon — and its effect on hair growth. 

Researchers found several older studies connecting procyanidin with hair growth. 

According to the researchers, this effect is due to cinnamaldehyde, the main compound in cinnamon. 

Cinnamaldehyde works by increasing circulation and blood flow to the hair follicles, which supports hair growth.

Instant Hydration Mask Nutrient #3

Hydrolyzed wheat protein

Hydrolyzed wheat protein is a type of protein that has been broken down, or hydrolyzed, into smaller peptides using a process called hydrolysis. 

This extraction method used by Noor scientist makes the protein easier for the body to absorb and use. 

Hydrolyzed wheat protein is commonly use to help repair damaged hair and improve its overall health and appearance.

It is also used in skincare products for its ability to moisturize and improve the skin's elasticity.

Instant Hydration Mask Nutrient #4


When applied to the hair, amodimethicone forms a protective barrier on the hair shaft. 

This barrier helps to smooth the hair and reduce frizz and flyaways, making it more manageable and easier to style. 

It also provides a layer of protection against heat styling and other environmental factors that can damage the hair.

In addition to its protective properties, amodimethicone can also help to improve the overall appearance of the hair. 

It can add shine and luster to the hair, making it look healthier and more vibrant. it can also help to detangle the hair, making it easier to comb and brush.


These ingredients are carefully blended to help hair grow faster, thicker, and dramatically fuller! 

It’s a totally unique and patented formula!

That's why, for anyone struggling with weak and unvitalized hair, I really think this Hair Mask could be the perfect fit.


For women that are serious about turning dull and damaged hair, look no further because our Instant Hydration Mask will provide ALL the nutrients needed to achieve a Hair transformation friends and family wouldn't believe.    


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